Attorney Profile

Halbert, Shawn C.
(213) 404-1178

SHAWN C. HALBERT graduated magna cum laude from the prestigious two-year SCALE program at Southwestern Law School where he finished his JD among the top of his class. In his first year, Shawn won Southwestern Law School’s Moot Court competition and was a member of the Trial Advocacy Honors Program where he participated as a finalist in the Texas Young Lawyer’s Association’s National Trial Competition.

Before coming to Veatch Carlson, Shawn enjoyed careers as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch and as a graduate student and teaching fellow in the Sociology Department at UCLA. Shawn graduated summa cum laude from the University of Houston in 2002 with B.A.s in Sociology and Economics and then in 2005 with Master’s Degrees in Sociology and Economics. He earned a second Master’s Degree in Sociology while completing his doctoral studies at UCLA. His area of emphasis focused on the development, maintenance, and challenge to expertise in everyday interactions. His research on the presentation of expert witnesses during trial guided him to a career as an attorney.

Shawn is a member of Veatch Carlson’s Law and Motion team.