what makes us different

Our Culture

  • We are committed to our people, who are our most valuable intellectual property, and support continuous training and education of our attorneys and staff through symposiums and attendance at industry seminars.
  • We expect and reward professional growth.
  • We work collaboratively, urgently, and respectfully within our various teams to optimize the knowledge base of the firm and develop efficient litigation models suited to all of our clients’ various legal needs
  • We maintain ethical commitments to our clients and courts at all times
  • Through optimism and confidence we have a culture of trial excellence that exceeds client expectations
  • Innovative and efficient litigation processes are a cornerstone of our approach in order to enhance our client’s experiences and goals in all respects without compromising the best outcomes for them
  • We assign the right counsel with the appropriate skill set at the right time to achieve the best results for our clients
  • We embrace diversity and inclusive perspectives in order to create an environment that encourages varying litigation plans, strategies and out of the box approaches and perspectives adapted to create an atmosphere that optimizes innovation and adaptability to meet all evolving changes and challenges in the law
  • We are committed to making a difference in the communities where we live through community service and supporting charitable causes, as well as other cultural and government organizations.